How Do I Know I Had a Good Workout with Fitness Spain

23 Apr

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Do you want to exercise to lose weight? Or maybe just keep up with your regime to stay fit?  Whether you have a short time goal or a long-term goal, there are guidelines you must follow that will help you reach your goal. Even though diet plays a major role, exercising regularly is a must.

‘I Might Pass out Anytime Soon’ is what Personal Trainer in Spain hear most of the times when people workout, but have you really given much to your workout? Scroll down to know how to find out if your body needs more exercise or has had enough.

Ask your body

How good your workout is, depends on how your body feels and reacts after the workout. Here you need to monitor few vital properties of the body mentioned below. If these attributes are too low or null, then you aren’t working hard enough. If it’s too much then you need to slow down and consult a Personal Trainer. You could go to to find hire a certified Personal Trainer.

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1) Soreness

Body soreness is caused by muscle tearing during the workout. As scary as it sounds, muscle tearing isn’t that bad. These tiny tears that occur in the muscle make you look lean and increase your metabolism. If you’re working enough especially on building your muscles, there’s a possible soreness.

If there isn’t soreness, then you aren’t concentrating on your muscles, hence doing the wrong workouts. But if the sore is too bad that it won’t let you do daily activities like eating or driving, then you’re working out your muscles more than necessary causing more bad than good. Excessive muscle tearing causes the contents of the muscle fiber to leak out into the bloodstream. These are harmful to the kidney causing kidney failure or extreme fatigue.

2) Heart Rate

A healthy person has a range of minimum to maximum heart rates that are considered normal. An abnormal increase in heart rate shows that you’re putting too much effort on your body. A simple way to calculate your maximum heart rate is to subtract your age from 220. Compare that with your Fitbit or any heart rate monitor you wear.

3) Hunger

Any kind of exercise causes increased metabolism. If you aren’t working hard enough for your metabolic rate, then you will not feel hungry after workouts. Make sure you work out till you are very hungry then have a healthy serving of fruits and veggies (mainly greens). Eat your carbs and calories especially half an hour after your workout.

If you are doing the same exercise every day and not feeling hungry after a few weeks, then your body has become comfortable in your workout routine. You need to do something extra like another lap jogging or lift heavier weights.

4) Sweat

Sweat brings out all the toxins out of your body through your skin. Not at all sweating is a sign that you aren’t working hard enough to break a sweat. Excessive sweat in usual places such as armpits and neck is okay. Excessively sweating that you feel like you’re under the rain for an hour, then you’re dehydrating yourself too much that you need to relax.

Getting a personal trainer is very important because you’re not working out as hard as you think you are, or worse, you’re working hard, but you’re focusing on the wrong things. An expert personal trainer can guide you and advise you on what is right and what is wrong.