Weight loss: Why Do I Feel Hungry All the Time?

21 May

It doesn’t matter how committed and how hard you are trying to inculcate healthy food habits, your body always says it’s hungry or else it craves for oily junk food. It makes you grab more food from your fridge and makes you eat more and finally left gaining calories.

It doesn’t even stop there, it feels like you are never fully up and you start thinking about the next meal within minutes of having a heavy lunch. These unusual appetites may be a possible symptom of an underlying health issue and disrupt your attempts to weight loss.

If you are planning on a weight loss program such as www.weightlossbodytransformation.com you should understand the basic cycle of your body. Ghrelin is the hormone that signals your brain about hunger. It is produced when your sugar levels are down and you are having an empty stomach.

When your body receives enough food, the hunger feeling is complimented with fullness by the release of Leptin hormone which signals the brain about fullness. If you are the person who is never fully satisfied then these are some tips you have to consider doing it.

Are you sleep deprived??

When you are sleep deprived or working night shifts your hormones are confused and the release of Ghrelin hormone is increased and Leptin hormone will be reduced. Which ultimately leads to increased hunger levels. Even if the hormones are doing their job well, you may try to take a coffee to keep yourself awake and adding a few more calories. Take short power naps and that reduces the production of Ghrelin hormone. A healthy sleep does a good job in weight loss.

Be aware of pleasure eating

Your brain entertains pleasures like watching a movie, having fun with friends and in the same way your brain like to have a pleasure of eating tasty food just like a reward. So keep in mind that you are not actually hungry and drink a glass of water to stop the cravings.

Keep your body hydrated

Thirst is mistaken many times as hunger as they have similar symptoms. If you drink enough water, the water keeps digestion on track. It also keeps your stomach feel fuller from time to time. Make sure you don’t drink water only when you feel thirsty. You have to drink water now and then. Stop drinking huge quantities of water before or after meals. Eat sufficient meals filled with nutrients.

Keep your meals low in calories

Keeping food low in calories doesn’t mean you have to eat less. Eat food rich in nutrients and proteins. Eat salads and fiber food. You should avoid refined carbohydrates. You can also have fruits for every two hours. You should wisely choose between starchy and non-starchy vegetables to lessen the intake of carbohydrates. Raising the intake of fiber and protein helps burn fat rationing in weight loss.

Don’t get distracted while eating

Eating your food while watching TV is a quite common thing. You have to concentrate on what you are eating, you get distracted if you eat food in front of the TV and you will be failing to recognize when your stomach is full. This habit is a hurdle in your weight loss program.

Decreasing the food and increasing the workouts leads to aggressive hunger demands and reduces the sugar levels in your blood. This causes your metabolism to slow down as your body goes into the high alert mode of surviving.